The Hunt for Organisation

Organisation is running scared. I'll have you know I've taken the best part of a week to track him down and it won't be long now before I find out where he's been hiding and flush him out.

It started at the weekend. I was struggling with my timetable for the new term and it just wouldn't work. That's when I realised Organisation had done a runner.

I looked everywhere but ended up having a sleep on the sofa instead of finding him. I woke up and realised I had found two cats and a dog instead, which is very nice but not very useful and certainly not organised.

I spent a day resting from finding Organisation and then set back to it with renewed gusto. Then I got distracted by someone else's timetable (neatly organised) and by designing a timetable template. I now have a beautiful, empty timetable, waiting for Organisation to do the rest.

The next day I sat myself at the desk and made a plan of action. Organisation was bound to be somewhere close by. The new term started this week and my work goes back to normal next week. I knew this meant that Organisation was just around the corner somewhere. All I had to do was, well, be a little organised and I would find him.

I found a lost book, a pile of forms actually filled in and two emails I'd forgotten to answer. I answered them, had some custard bread and watched an episode of Star Trek that I had somehow missed all these years.

Then I got a piece of paper and a pen - old school! - and started to plan my timetable. I thought this was a great way to tempt Organisation out into the open. Once he was out, I could nab him and get on with my work.

Except that I realised what a nice pen it was and spent some time making the old school timetable look nice then I talked to my friend online and then I had an answer back from the email and then it was somehow time to buy pizza.

So I sit here, listening and waiting, putting my trust in pure chance. I am hoping that Organisation will turn up by himself, without me having to do anything. Surely that will work? I mean, it can't all be down to planning and knowing what to do in the right order, can it?

I am sure if I wait long enough that Organisation will tiptoe out, eyes blinking from his long sleep and then I can grab him and get on with everything I've had to put off while I was trying to hunt him down.

Soon I will be able to use my beautiful timetable template and then I can be certain of what I have to do and when I have to do it. All I need is a little bit of Organisation, that's it. One little bit and I'll be set.

Wait, what was that in the corner? Was that him? Is it time?

I'll look in a second, I just need to do this one little thing first...


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