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You can't pack logic and common sense in the same bag

Sometimes a person can have so much logic that common sense won't fit. Or common sense pushes in and logic has to pop right out. There just doesn't seem to be enough room for both at the same time.

It's like this: your friend always packs their shopping bags the wrong way. One day you explain the right way and are absolutely sure you were subtle, calm and kind and that no feelings were hurt. Except then your friend is all touchy about it and snappy and makes out they know how to pack their bags.

(obviously they didn't know or else you wouldn't have had to tell them)
((but now they do))
Feelings were apparently hurt because those bags had been packed wrong all this time, or because your friend has no idea how to take good advice or because, um, maybe they really loved that old way of packing bags? I don't know but feelings were hurt despite your best efforts to approach the subject in a good way.

That's logic and logic kicks you every time when it comes to …

There is never just one aspie in the family

Many of us know other people in our family who are 'eccentric' but were never diagnosed with anything. They were just difficult, creative, awkward, inventive, rude, honest, loud, quiet, odd, different, or 'You know, like your Uncle Lenny'.
There are others who are still looked on as the only one in their family on the autistic spectrum. It is just them and only them and they are special or all of the above and they don't fit the family mold.

And I guess it might be so. In a small number of families (really, really dull families and a really small number of them), the aspie might shine out with the brightness of a frost-lit star. Yes, they might be a throwback, the only one who is like this and surrounded by grey normality.

Or Aunty Glenys is just pretending to be normal. And good old Dad with his sedate hobby of model trains would have an actual meltdown if you hadn't all learned to leave his damn trains alone. Or your aspie is really the secret love-child of …

Taking time to stop and stare....and stare some more

I'm almost always late, so often that if I'm early by a few minutes I feel like I should hang around somewhere before arriving, in case people are upset. Partly this is bad time management combined with not actually wanting to turn up but sometimes it's because I stopped to stare.
There is always something to catch me out and take up all my attention. Usually a small thing, a pitifully small thing that doesn't really deserve this kind of attention. And yet I give it.

This morning I was walking past a house where they still had Christmas lights. Their front door was framed by an arch of lights and then inside this arch were two little trees, all brightly lit. I kept walking, not wanting to stop, but still I stared.

I was taken by the symmetry of the lights, the care someone had taken to make this a full scene in miniature. Also, it was still full dark and the lights shone out into the street so that it was impossible not to - yikes! - the man walking past jumped into t…